Frequently Asked Questions (Spring Fling)

 Can my player play in a different age group?

Yes and No...  We are mandadted by the Florida Youth Soccer Association which requires us to place players in age groups based on their year of birth.  The only exception that we have would be for players that wish to play "Up" in age.  Meaning, they play with the next older group above the group they would be placed based on their age.  We cannot play players "Down" in age unfortunately.  Meaning playing with younger players.

 What times are the games?

We have two different start times. The U6, U8, U10 and U12 historically have played at 6:20PM.  The U14 and High School groups play at 7:40PM.  The U12 age group may play at both times depending on how many players we have and field space constraints.

 How does the Sibling Discount work?

A sibling discount is offered on this program. A $5 discount will be deducted from each sibling registered after the first sibling. All siblings must be registered for the same program and must be registered during the same transaction in order to receive the discount.

 Why are there no practices?

The Spring Fling Program is not considered an "instructional" league.  It was designed to allow players that have gone through our Fall Recreational Program (which is instructional) the opportunity to take what they learned in the previous months and have fun.

 Why Small-sided Games?

Small sided games mean more touches on the ball per player.  The idea is keep everyone involved in the action.  Full sized games can sometimes be very slow building and not all players play a role.  Small sided games are much faster and more exciting.

 How are teams picked?

We have a Player Assessment night prior to the players being assigned to teams in an attempt to determine their skill levels.  This assessment is conducted by our Competitive Coaching Staff.  The information is then compiled and a blind draw is conducted.  From time to time players will be moved after they've been assigned to a team if it is determined that a team is stronger than the other teams in their age bracket (that's why everyone wears the same color shirt).

 Can I play with my friend on the same team?

The short answer is YES but it's determined by the Player Assessment process.  If it's just you and a friend we can usually make that work.  If it's you and 7 of your closest friends that probably won't happen.  Our end goal is to try and make the teams as even as possible so all games are exciting and not one sided blow outs.  You can send a "Play With" request to

 Can I play for a specific coach?

Again, the short answer is YES but team space is limited and we need to make sure the teams are as even as possible.  We don't want to overload a team with good (or not so good) players just because they like the coach.  We will absolutely try our best to accommodate all "Play For" requests.  You can send a "Play For" request to

 What do I need to get my player (equipment)?

All players are required to have shin guards (under their socks - not on the outside).  They should also bring a water/sports drink bottle to stay hydrated and a suitable soccer ball.  Soccer balls for U4-U8 should be #3, U10 - U12 should have a #4 and U14 and higher should bring a #5 soccer ball.  We will supply the official 2020 Spring Fling dri-fit game shirt a week prior to the start of the season.  All payers are required to wear that shirt during games.

 Why does everyone wear the same color shirt?

Years ago we determined that it was easier for all involved (parents, players and the club) to have everyone wear the same color.  This helps us have the flexibility to move players form one team to another mid-season if we need to balance the teams and not require the player to change shirt colors.  Obviously we don't want to have a lot of extra shirts on hand and unfortunately with multiple colored team shirts you have to for any such changes.  During the games, one team will wear "Pinnies" or training vests to help tell the two teams apart.  This gets rotated so one team isn't always wearing the vests.

 How do I volunteer to coach?


 Are there any other discounts available?

Yes!  If you sign up to volunteer head coach a team we will actually refund the entire registration fee at the end of the season.  If you're interested please use the Request to Coach link above to sign up and get more information.

 What are the rules for Small Sided games?

You can find the rules posted on the Spring Fling home page at

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