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At the Oldsmar Soccer Club our coaches are committed to providing a positive, nurturing, respectful, fair, and challenging learning environment. Their focus is on the continued growth and development of their players and teams to their full potential.  They strive to instill a dedication to excellence and to teamwork.  They believe soccer can help build self-esteem, evolve lasting relationships, and teach life lessons that transcend winning on the field.  They teach players to honor the game of soccer, and show respect for the rules, opponents, officials, and teammates.  They believe soccer should be rewarding for all players and strive to provide an enjoyable environment for all players and their families.

2021/22 Competitive Coaches


Boys Teams Head Coaches

2012/13B - Zoltan Kocsis

2011B - Robert Wein

Girls Teams Head Coaches

2004/5G - Ivan Zigarevich 

2003G - Ivan Zigarevich 



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