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Competitive Soccer Program

We are excited to start registering players for our open Try Out event coming in early June.  Now that we have been given the green light by the state to return to play we are busy putting together our plan to keep your player, family, our coaches and staff safe.   Please use the link below to register your player.   Our dates will be June 15th, 17th, 19th and 20th.  The schedule is being finalized to assure proper social distancing.  You will receive an email with all the check in information and what to expect when you arrive at the complex.  Players that have already been offered spots will not need to attend.

We invite you to become part of longest running youth soccer programs in Pinellas County.  That said, here's why we think Oldsmar Soccer would be a good fit for your player.


Click "Continue" for more information and to Register for free

Return To Play

Dear Oldsmar Families,

We are pleased to inform you that Governor DeSantis has announced that the restrictions on youth sports has been lifted as of May 28th.  And while this is great news it is just the beginning step to having our players return to the complex and start training again.  The safety of your players, our coaches and training staff is our number one priority.  Having said that, we are in the process of preparing guidelines from our state, county and city leaders that will allow us to reopen quickly but moreover, safely.  In this time of uncertainty it is important to not rush the process and to make sure we move forward responsibly.

For our Competitive Families, we anticipate holding "traditional" try outs in early June.  The majority of clubs in the area are working together to try and start the process at the same time.  Again, this is about keeping all the players safe and to try and have some level of consistency with regards to social distancing, sanitation requirements and all the other "new normal" issues that we're all dealing with right now. 

For our 2020 Spring Fling Families, we are in talks with the City of Oldsmar and trying to determine if we can hold this event before the end of the summer.  Our goal is to figure out a way to get the kids back on the fields but safely.  We will have more information on this by the middle of next week and will update you then.

This has been a very difficult time for most.  The good news is that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.  This will end soon and we can't wait to see all of you back at the complex!

John Linse
General Manager / Director of Operations
Oldsmar Youth Soccer Association
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OSC Launches @Home Workouts

Bored? Miss training? We got ya. We have complied training videos from the web-universe that are geared to solo workouts that can be done in small places (backyard, garage, kitchen... you get the idea). Almost all the drills can be scaled down as needed. Don't have cones? Use water bottles, shoes, stuffed animals... whatever you have!  Click HERE to go to our @Home Workouts page and get started.

Whatcha Doin'?
Tik Tok - Oldsmar Soccer Challenge
Ok kids, time to pick up those cell phones (you know, that thing that never leaves your hand) and start moving! It's the Oldsmar Soccer Challenge!!!! Here's the scoop... create a short video (no more than 15-20 seconds) showing what you're doing to combat the boredom of being locked in the house with your "uncool" parents and "bratty" siblings. Post it on Tik Tok with the hashtag #oldsmarsoccer and you will be in the running for cool prizes like shirts, soccer training gear, concession stand gift cards and whatever else we can come up with. Don't have (or don't want) Tik Tok... No problem. Send us the video via email or FB Messenger and we'll post it for you.
Here are the basics...
  • NO PROFANITY (Keep it clean kiddies)
  • It doesn't have to be a soccer activity BUT a soccer ball must be in the video somewhere
  • BONUS POINTS if you can drag mom or dad in to the chaos!!!!
ALL age groups included - we'll choose winners across the full spectrum of entries. Mom and Dad can submit for the younger kids that haven't been sucked into the video void yet!
Have fun, be creative and remember NO PROFANITY! Coach John is watching and we all know how serious he can be 🤪😜😉. Winners will be selected daily starting 3/27. Multiple winners every day. Remember to add #oldsmarsoccer.
Offside Made Easy...

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Just can't get enough

Don’t let it be said that we aren’t social at the Oldsmar Soccer Club! Facebook junkies can "Friend" us at Oldsmar Youth Soccer Association. Not to be left out... "Follow" us on Twitter at @OldsmarSoccer for the latest news flashes and other important information. Both sites will advise you of things like field closures, program updates and general announcements about teams, tourney results and more! Stay in the know and up to date. Click the icons below and visit our other sites!


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